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Professional Development

Each of our employees is a valued member of a team and as such, is provided with extensive training and opportunities for growth and development. Employees of Residential One are trained to be proactive problem solvers.  We believe in celebrating our team’s success through quarterly meetings and an annual celebration.  This commitment to our employees has been reciprocated by long tenure and a desire by many in the industry to work for the company.

Training and Career Development Programs


Our management training consists of approximately ten courses that begin with leadership and team building programs.  The remainder of the curriculum is, to a large extent, tailored to the needs of the student body, but typically includes courses such as Time Management, Asset Management, Budgets and Financial Statements, Legal Basis of Property Management, and Personnel Management.

Fair Housing and Leasing

Annual Fair Housing training is a requirement for all Residential One employees, regardless of position.  New employees are required to pass our Fair Housing Training within the first 90-days of employment.  Leasing courses, offered in three tiers, (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) are offered throughout the year. Fair Housing and Leasing Training is provided by Creative Marketing Concepts.


In an effort to provide maintenance staff with professional skills to repair and maintain all physical and mechanical aspects of a property, we have established a Maintenance Training Program (MTP).

We utilize an in-house maintenance training facility located in Mount Rainier, Maryland, where both a “hands on” and “classroom” instructional setting can be utilized. The MTP classes are conducted by qualified, licensed instructors.  The program consists of a series of courses specifically dedicated to maintenance technicians, superintendents and facilities maintenance engineers.  The curriculum typically includes OSHA compliance, environmental science (mold, lead and asbestos), math and science, as well as hands-on training in the areas of plumbing, electrical, small appliances, carpentry, and HVAC. All students receive personalized and professional training in many areas pertaining to the day-to-day operations, as well as best practices, for the property where they work.

These courses qualify for certifications through HBI/ NAHB RCA Series, as well as ESCO Institute and CFC certifications. These certifications range from basic to apprentice for HVAC, as well as continuing education from NAHB, that can also lead into the Facilities Maintenance Association.

Academic (college initiative)

We realize that there is more to personal and professional development than industry specific training.  Formal, academic education helps to broaden an individual by adding depth of knowledge, building confidence, developing interests, and sharpening skills.  Sadly, the cost of higher education can be prohibitive to many employees.  It is for this reason that we launched the Residential One College Initiative.  By partnering with Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America, we are able to offer our employees a heavily subsidized opportunity to earn an Associate’s Degree in General Studies with an Emphasis in Business or a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications with an Emphasis in Business.  Coaches are assigned to the students from both the university and Residential One.  Through this partnership, students can be better supported, motivated, and progress can be tracked. The degree is fully accredited and, for convenience and practicality, is offered in an online environment.

Training Recognition, Endorsements and Qualifications

Tony Ross, the President of Residential One, is a NAHMA Approved SHCM Program Training Provider.  As such, he is approved to teach the LIHTC curriculum and administer the national exam for the SHCM credential.

Joe Armstrong, an instructor for the MTP, is the proctor and instructor for the ESCO Institute for the HVAC certifications.

Most ResidentialONE  training programs have been approved by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) as meeting the continuing education requirements of the following certifications: HCCP, SHCM, NAHP, NAHP-e, CPO, NAHMS, and NAHMT.


ResidentialONE has a comprehensive training program for all of our income restricted and HUD insured properties.  Specific emphasis is given to LIHTC (and similar programs such as tax exempt bonds and HIF), Section 8, and HOME programs.  New employees are required to enroll and pass our Tier 1 and Tier 2 curriculum within the first 90-days of employment.  This provides the employee with the basics that are required to run their properties and to remain in compliance with the Housing Program Structure that comprises their specific communities.  Our focus provides the employees with current forms, policies and procedures, training manuals and websites that enhance their ability to maintain compliance at the site level.  We also provide tailored training for specific sites with unique programmatic requirements. This ensures compliance from move-in to move-out and adherence to required monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.

Advanced training is provided to the intermediate group of employees who successfully complete the basic training curriculum. Advanced training consists of EIV & TRACS Training, the MOR/Audit process, interviewing a prospect in accordance with HUD or LIHTC requirements, complex Income & Assets Calculations, and Year End Reporting.  We continuously add/revise courses as dictated by the ever changing nature of affordable housing.


All ResidentialONE managers who work on affordable properties are required to earn a third-party, nationally recognized certification within one year of employment on an affordable property. National certifications include the HCCP, SHCM, and TCS for LIHTC properties and the COS or AHM for Section 8 sites.  Additional, relevant certifications and designations are encouraged.

Experienced managers and assistant managers are required to attend annual “refresher” courses and workshops to ensure that they are made aware of any program changes and to receive continuing education credit   required to maintain their certifications.

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