Approach & Process

At ResidentialONE, we believe that it takes a multi-faceted approach to managing real estate. We work together to create a proactive, professional team that is driven by results.

ACCOUNTING.  ResidentialONE’s accounting group works to gather and analyze financial information, generate accurate and timely reports, and safeguard assets by overseeing internal controls. ResidentialONE provides cash management and cash flow projections for each asset we manage on either a cash or an accrual basis.

MARKETING. We believe in a systematic approach to marketing which involves weekly analysis of traffic, leases, and sources. An individualized plan is created for each property which includes social and internet marketing as well as outreach, local advertising and customized marketing events, as needed. By tracking the success of each endeavor, we are consistently evaluating marketing approaches and ensuring our client’s cost-effective marketing that produces results.

PEOPLE. At ResidentialONE, the people we serve include residents, clients, and fellow teammates. Our continued commitment to growth and communication has led us to introduce several programs including ongoing resident surveys, professional development opportunities, and enhanced communication programs both internally and externally.

OPERATIONS. Our property maintenance and management group perform inspections, preventive and ongoing maintenance programs to ensure the curb appeal and integrity of each property. Our team also participates in the capital improvement process, coordinates planning and assistance for emergency services, and develops crucial relations with residents and vendor associates.

EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT. At ResidentialONE, we believe that investing in the growth of our employees is a cornerstone to success. To that end, we have built one of the most extensive Employee Development Programs in the industry. The program includes Res1 Property Management Academy, Res1 Maintenance Institute, Res1 Tiered Leasing Classes, Res1 Compliance Boot Camp and Fair Housing compliance training.

RESIDENT SERVICES. One of the most effective ways to build value and retain residents is to provide a living environment that enhances one’s lifestyle. Our Resident Services Director works with property managers to host resident events specific to the needs and desires of individual communities.