Sustainability and Renewable Energy

Solar Panels for Sustainability and Renewable EnergyResidentialONE has become a leader in the sustainable and renewable energy arena with over 12 facilities where solar energy has become the primary hot water generation system. We have installed solar panels in a number of Maryland locations, and are seeing the fruition of this technology. We are experiencing 20% reductions in the cost of producing hot water. Read More

ResidentialONE Wins Big at the 2015 PMA PACE Awards

Pace Awards 2015 WinnerResidentialONE made a big splash at its first PACE Awards ceremony by taking home 5 Overall Winner designations and one Distinguished Community Award, the highest number of Overall Winner Awards for any participating management company.

3Tree Flats and Allen House were named Affordable DC Winners.  Tanglewood Apartments and  Ellicott Gardens received top awards for Affordable Apartments in Maryland.  Potomac Woods Senior was named a winner in Affordable Apartments in Virginia.  The evening was topped off when Laurel Lakes Senior Apartments was named Distinguished Affordable Apartments in Maryland. Read More