The Executive Team is comprised of some of the most recognized and successful individuals in the industry with more than 100 years of combined experience in their fields.   However, it is what they have accomplished at ResidentialONE that is impressive. Together, they have created a winning management philosophy and set of best practices that many other companies try to emulate. Their commitment to success and innovation continues to contribute to increased property revenues and profits.

Tony Ross, President

Tony Ross, HCCP, earned a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and a Master of Science in Organizational Performance from Bellevue University. He has also earned an Associate’s degree in Occupational Studies/Emergency and Disaster Management from Thomas Edison State College. His professional designations include a HCCP (Housing Credit Certified Professional) from the National Association of Home Builders, a NAHP-e (National Affordable Housing Professional – Executive) and a SHCM (Specialist in Housing Credit Management) from the National Affordable Housing Management Association, and C7P (Certified Credit Compliance Professional) from Spectrum Seminars, Inc. Mr. Ross has served as an Adjunct Professor of Property Management at the University of the District of Columbia Community College and is certified as an executive coach by the ICF. Additionally, Mr. Ross is a NAHMA-approved training provider and proctor for the SHCM certification.

Mr. Ross began his career in property management in 1988, working in conventional, market-rate multifamily housing.  In 1994, he was hired by Edgewood Management Corporation where he gained experience in affordable housing, commercial real estate management, property renovations, and new development.  He later served as Vice President.  In 1999, Mr. Ross joined Equity Management as Regional Director and was promoted to Regional Vice President in 2004.  In 2011, he was named Executive Vice President where he became intricately involved in the strategic management of the organization.

In 2015, Mr. Ross co-founded ResidentialONE and acquired the assets formerly held by Equity Management.

Louis Sigalas, Chief Financial Officer

Louis Sigalas, CPA, received his dual Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance from Salisbury State University in 1995. Mr. Sigalas attained his certification as a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Maryland in 1998.

After working in the government sector for two years, Mr. Sigalas took a position with Reznick Fedder & Silverman, a national real estate accounting firm.  He worked there for 5 years, gaining experience in performing audits and cost certifications with extensive knowledge of HUD and state-regulated entities, preparing tax returns for market projects, historic tax credit projects, and low-income house tax credit projects.

Mr. Sigalas started with Equity Management in September 2002 as the company’s treasurer, with full directional and supervisory control of the accounting department. He was promoted to the Chief Financial Officer in 2005 and served in that capacity until 2015 when he co-founded ResidentialONE, which acquired Equity Management. He still serves as the organization’s Chief Financial Officer and works with the President on strategic initiatives.

Mike Resau, Vice President

Mike Resau earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Frostburg State University 1997. Mr. Resau attained his certification as a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Maryland in 2001 and has been an active CPA since. He holds the HCCP (Housing Credit Certified Professional) designation through the National Association of Home Builders and the CPO (Certified Professional of Occupancy) designation through the National Affordable Housing Management Association. He is also a member of PMA (Property Management Association) and MMHA (Maryland Multifamily Housing Association).

Mr. Resau began his career in 1997 at Reznick Fedder & Silverman as an auditor specializing in Real Estate audits and cost certifications. In 1999 he was promoted to Senior Auditor. In 2001 he took on a new challenge and began working with LaSalle Business Credit where he performed loan-based asset audits for the high-risk lending arm of the institution.

Mr. Resau pursued entrepreneurial ventures from 2002 to 2006. He served as a consultant to Equity Management to assist in the restructuring of the internal accounting department. This engagement turned into a permanent position as Assistant Controller and led to his promotion to Vice President in 2012. In addition to being tasked with certain client relationships and various operational activities, he maintained direct oversight of IT and Maintenance operations.

Mr. Resau has continued in the same capacity for Residential One following its acquisition of Equity Management in 2015. He now serves as one of five executives for the organization.

Loretta Gaegler, Vice President of Operations

Loretta Gaegler attended the University of Maryland. She holds the C3P, LIHTC designation through Spectrum Seminars, Inc., and is a graduating member of the PMA Business Leaders Forum.

Ms. Gaegler began her career with Oliver Carr in 1984, in commercial management overseeing the Management Division, and working closely with the Vice President of Operations. She then branched out into management of shopping centers and medical complexes in 1988 when she began her tenure as a Regional Manager for Sigal/Zuckerman. In 1991 Ms. Gaegler took the leap to multi-family management and found a new and exciting career path as a Regional Manager for H.G. Smithy managing apartment communities in D.C., Maryland & Virginia. Ms. Gaegler excelled, and in 1995 was promoted to Vice President of Operations overseeing all aspects of the day-to-day operations of over 3,000 apartment homes. After 13 years, H.G. Smithy was purchased by a REIT, and Ms. Gaegler was promoted to The Regional Vice President for the DC/Metro area.

In 2004 Ms. Gaegler joined Equity Management, overseeing new properties as Equity expanded into Indiana, Missouri, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. In 2007 Ms. Gaegler was promoted to Regional Vice President and was again promoted in 2010 to Vice President where she oversaw operations on the corporate level and assisted all departments with the day-to-day operations, and special projects.

Ms. Gaegler has continued in the same capacity for Residential One following its acquisition of Equity Management in 2015. She now serves as one of five executives for the organization.

Kristin Larimore, Vice President of Compliance, HCCP

Kristin began her career in property management in 1996 and made affordable housing her primary objective specializing in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC).  She currently holds the C22P (Certified Credit Compliance Professional) designation through Spectrum Enterprises, Inc., the BOS Certification (Blended Occupancy Specialist) through NCHM, the HCCP (Housing Credit Certified Professional) designation through the National Association of Home Builders, and the CPO designation (Certified Professional of Occupancy) through NAHMA.  Ms. Larimore acted as the Committee Chair for the Affordable Housing Council for the Property Management Association from 2006-2015 and is currently on the board of the Mid-Atlantic Affordable Housing Management Association.

In 1999 Kristin began work with Equity Management, Inc. as the Director of Compliance.  With company growth and development, the management of LIHTC communities soon spanned across multiple States.  In 2006 Kristin formed the Low-Income Housing Council, which later was changed to The Affordable Housing Council through The Property Management Association (PMA).  In this position she organized trainings, quarterly round table discussions, and brought leaders of the compliance industry together. In 2007 Ms. Larimore was promoted to Vice President of Compliance.  She took on the role of creating and implementing individualized compliance forms as well as training programs for internal staff.  Her trainings were recognized for continuing education credits for industry designations.  In 2009 Ms. Larimore received the Compliance Director of the year award presented by PMA.

In 2010 Kristin joined HAI Management as the Director of Compliance.  With a new portfolio and different program requirements, her compliance interest only increased.  It is here where she honed her skills in monitoring multiple layered projects.

In 2011 Kristin was asked to assist in creating the agenda for the 1st DHCD Compliance Symposium in Maryland.  In 2012, for the 2nd Annual Symposium, she was invited to be a panel guest to answer questions from other industry professionals and did the same in 2017.

In 2015 Kristin rejoined the team with Equity Management as the Director of Compliance.  Shortly thereafter, Residential One acquired the existing asset and in 2020 she was promoted to the position of Vice President.  Ms. Larimore oversees the compliance operations for all affordable communities.  She provides training on policies and procedures for new and existing team members.