In the Community

Our Corporate office hosted a school supply drive for Brooklyn Park Middle School in Brooklyn, MD January 6-10th.

Brooklyn Park is a Kids at Hope School where they believe all children are capable of success- no exceptions! They also have a Magnet program for Performing and Visual Arts.

Brooklyn Park Group

Teams were divided into 4 groups:

  • Team 1: Rusty, Ari, Mike, Ellie, Felicia, Charlene, Ana, Joe, Kwame, and Dolores.
  • Team 2: Wendy, Thelma, Loretta, Kristin, Rommel, Juanita, Jennie, Nevin, and Jibi
  • Team 3: Tammy, Tony, Mary Beth, Lisa, Christina, Marci, Carlos, Vickei, and Kevin
  • Team 4: TJ, Louis, Richelle, Sue, Ellen, Greg, Sescel, Julie, and Jimeen

The winning team was TEAM 4!

In total $2,452.42 was raised in addition to donated supplies. We’d like to thank everyone for their generosity and participation. This was by far one our most successful fundraising events and exceeded all of our expectations.